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Sleep Light

When we wake up, maybe we all step out of one story.


It had been dark for so long and even as night fell, I suddenly thought of light.


It was at the end of the day when even consciousness, which is not exactly a concept, could be shed.


The best thing that was yet to come turned out to be left behind.


A card by the king. Or for the king? To the king. From the king? Because of the king? Instead of the king? Anyway, we were standing in front of the gate and it was open.


He was a dreamer, and in the meantime seemed to know exactly where he wanted to go.


He closed his eyes and hung handwritten columns on thin branches for growth and self-love.


Wait a moment, there is always unknowingness.


If we knew exactly where we were heading, there would be no discovery, no adventure, no magic.

Sleep Light, 2022

5 photos. 2 diptychs.

Fine art prints on Hahnenemühle German Etching, 310 grams

Formats: 20x30 / 40x60 cm

An extra small print of the photo (or prints in a diptych) is (are) included with the narration in a box.


Please contact me.

Series of nature photos, shot on an evening in a park. The light of lanterns created a magical atmosphere. A resplendent moment to get a story.

Hans Jeths Fotografie

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