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Practice Where You Are

1. Moving from standing to sitting, not looking back.

2. Raise the leg that wants to swing, welcome what wants to come.

3. Look after that hand when you forget to balance, especially during a dip.

4. Be a dreamer and meanwhile see exactly where you came from and where you want to go.

5. Notice the space under your arms and between your legs, balancing needs to happen again and again.

6. Trust the insight that emptines is the ground all forms, specifically significant for the inner journey. 

7. Use the wind at your back, spread your breath.

8. Trust the presence of your impulses by sensing, looking and listening into the holes of the earth.

9. Just listen to the call of your inner child. Fathers, Mothers, Buddhas and Clowns can also be a chair.

Practice Where You Are, January 2023

9 environmental portraits with narration.

Fine art prints on Hahnenemühle German Etching, 310 grams

Formats: 20x20 / 40x40 cm

An extra small print of the photo is included with the narration in a box.


Please contact me.

Hans Jeths Fotografie

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