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Photo: Wout Jan Balhuizen, 2023

The still image of a photo makes time tangible

In every still frame of a photo, the tangibility of time is revealed. We get a glimpse into the depths of memories and the richness of imagination.

My journey in photography is not just that of a photographer. I am also an actor, model, storyteller, poet, and curator. Each of these roles allows me to deeply explore the nuances of the characters and their stories. In this process, I see not only people but also animals, trees, and buildings as vibrant characters, filled with their own stories, history, and potential futures.

I often enrich my images with words – a snippet, poem, or title – to enhance, disrupt, or give the story a new twist. In doing so, I invite you, the viewer, to actively participate and immerse yourself in the narrative.

Characteristic of my work is a blend of absurdity, philosophy, and humor. I balance on the edge of fantasy, dream, and reality. By casting a veil of confusion around elusive concepts, I invite you to reflect and challenge you to look again and question what you see.

Hans Jeths, narrative photography

Hans Jeths balances in his work at the intersection of theater, visual arts, photography, performance, and poetry. As a photographer, he specializes in portraits, self-portraits, and the integration of historical portraits from old archives. His street and nature photography are also emblematic of his oeuvre. Jeths' unique vision goes beyond just photography; he intertwines various mediums and explores the intersections between diverse forms of art. By weaving elements of performance, storytelling, and poetry, he gives his images a narrative depth. Using archive images, he evokes feelings of nostalgia and timelessness, offering a poetic reflection on the human experience.

In addition to the selected work on my website, more work can be seen on my Depot website.

The Depot is a secure website containing an archive of my photographic work and is available to associates and interested parties. Please contact me for a login code at hans@hansjeths.nl

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