Hans Jeths

Photo: Wout Jan Balhuizen, 2023

The still image of a photo makes time tangible 

The tangibility of time is revealed by the still image of a photo, providing access to the inner experiential space of memories and fantasy.

My photography is an exploration of the various roles I can assume as a creator. In addition to being a photographer, I am also an actor, model, storyteller, poet, and curator during the creative process.

From different role perspectives, I investigate the characters and their stories, seeing not only people, but also animals, trees, and buildings as characters. I am interested in their history, future, and similarities, differences, and mutual relationships.

Often I add text to my images, in the form of a fragment, poem, or title, to strengthen, disrupt, or steer the story. This way, I invite the viewer to participate in the story.

My work is characterized by absurdity, philosophy, and humor, playing with fantasy, dream, and reality. By creating confusion about indefinable behavior, I stimulate reflection and force the viewer to reconsider what they perceive."

Hans Jeths' artistic work resides at the intersection of theater, visual arts, photography, performance, storytelling, and poetry. As a photographer, he creates portraits, self-portraits, and incorporates existing portraits from old photo archives. He also frequently works on the streets and in nature.

Jeths' artistic vision often involves blurring the boundaries between different mediums and exploring the intersectionality of diverse art forms. He often incorporates elements of performance, storytelling, and poetry into his photographic work, resulting in a narrative dimension in his images. By using existing portraits from photo archives, he can tap into history and memory, imbuing his images with a sense of nostalgia and timelessness.

Working on the streets and in nature allows Jeths to capture the beauty and complexity of everyday life. His images often highlight the unique and extraordinary in the ordinary, inviting viewers to look more closely at the world around them. Through his photographic work, Jeths offers a poetic and reflective perspective on the human experience.

In addition to the selected work on my website, more work can be seen on my Depot website.

The Depot is a secure website containing an archive of my photographic work and is available to associates and interested parties. Please contact me for a login code at hans@hansjeths.nl

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